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Celebrating healthy skin

What better way to learn about and try new skincare products than with a group of your gal pals? We offer interactive, hands-on parties where you can learn about your skin type, try out the products that are best for you, and do a DIY face mask while you’re at it! You’ll leave ready to take on the world with your skin feeling fresh.

The best part? Every month we give away 10 Skin Parties for you and up to 12 of your besties! We have a new theme every month, so be sure to check back regularly to see available dates and book your Skin Party.


This month’s party

Master the Easy 3 Step Glow Up Makeup Tip that all the pros use!

Master the Easy 3 Step Glow Up Makeup Tip that all the pros use!

Grab your gal pals and get ready to PARTY! We are switching things up a bit for September and focusing on Makeup Parties! As we approach the fall season, the kids are back to school, or you’re starting that new semester at University, we are all looking to spice up our makeup routine a bit. Read below for more details on this month’s Makeup theme, the Glow Up!

Our FREE Makeup Parties are designed to have YOU learn some new techniques to take home with you and make you feel empowered to bring out that inner Makeup Artist! Our parties are DIY, while a professional from Trellis demonstrates a new technique on a model guest while everyone follows along. This month we will teach you how to master a universal makeup trick that everyone can benefit from, the Glow Up.

The 3 easy Steps to defining your cheeks and face shape! No matter your skill level, we are confident that everyone will be able to master this technique, while having FUN!

Please note that when you select a date you are booking a party to HOST 4-6 of your friends.

What to expect:

  • Step by Step DIY Makeup education lesson from a professional!

  • Leave with that GLOW-up

***Please note that this is not a full makeup application, as the guests are encouraged to wear foundation to the class. The glow up technique is the application of bronzer, cheek color, and highlighter. All tools and products will be supplied for the class.

Free Parties are the pre selected dates, however if you would like to book a Skin Party outside of these dates please pick CHOOSE YOUR DATE at checkout and we will be in touch to confirm if the date you are looking for is available. Please note that fees will apply to dates outside of the pre-selected dates.

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