Little Barn Apothecary | Love is In The Hair Kit

Little Barn Apothecary | Love is In The Hair Kit


Show your hair some love with:

  • Jasmine + Ocean Water Hair Texturizer (2 fl oz) »

  • Flowers + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo (1.5 oz) »

  • Chamomile + Rosemary Hair Oil (1 fl oz) »

Our “Love is in the Hair” Kit includes three hair products to nurture and perfect your hair this holiday season. After showering, mist the Jasmine + Ocean Water Hair Texturizer through still damp hair to achieve that “just left the beach look”, even in the dead of winter. White floral blossoms and aloe vera combine with sea salt to create texture and enhance waves, while sending you on a journey of Hawaiian sunshine and salty air. If you decide to skip the shower, simply sprinkle a small amount of the Flowers + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo at your roots and tousle through to ends. This luscious, nurturing dry shampoo helps refresh your scalp and rid your gorgeous strands of unwanted grease and grime. Delicate flower essence creates a crown of soft florals, with ultra absorbent pink clay and volumizing rice starch perfect for on the go, post workout, or after a long weekend. Shower or no shower, though, the Chamomile + Rosemary Hair Oil can be used anytime to achieve the ultimate shine, softness, protection, and frizz control. Just massage a few drops from root to tip or concentrate solely on scalp and roots. With scents of soft chamomile and stimulating rosemary, this hair oil is packed with hair loving plant oils to provide nourishment deep into hair shaft and scalp. 

The "Love is in the Hair" Kit has a retail value of $45.

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