3 Skin Benefits To Facial Steaming

We love our Beauty Steam Bar here at Trellis! It is great for so many reasons, the relaxing self-care, the benefits for your skin, and it is a fun thing to treat yourself with once a week. Read on for some of our top reasons to steam.

We are extremely passionate about skin health and wellness here at Trellis Beauty! With that being said, we think each woman should incorporate facial and beauty steams into her skincare routine. There are so many benefits to facial steaming at home (or in the shop!) that we wanted to gush on our top three for our community, so you can decide for yourself whether facial steaming is right for you! #facialsteam #beautysteam #skincare #skinhealth #antiaging
  1. The detox! A beauty stream will allow you to sweat out all of the bad toxins that have accumulated in your skin. Once the toxins are out, your skin can restore to a healthy pH balance.

  2. The steam increases circulation which then allows your blood vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your face, leaving you with a lovely, natural glow!

  3. A beauty steam only lasts for about 10 minutes, it is the perfect thing to treat yourself with after a stressful day or a busy week. The steam allows you to unwind and relax all while the steam is detoxifying and purifying your skin!