3 Ways To Use A Beauty Oil

2019 is the year of beauty oils. When added to your routine, they can really amp up your overall skin health and help treat a number of skin concerns. Keep in mind that oils are absorbed into your skin 3x faster than other skin care products, so make sure you’re using a clean, effective oil. Here’s three easy ways to start using a beauty oil in your routine.

Face oils are used for more than just moisture! They can be a welcome addition to your beauty routine for a variety of concerns and can be used in a multitude of ways. Our clean beauty skin expert, Jade Myles, dishes three interesting ways you can use beauty oils in your routine that you may not have thought of! #skincare #cleanbeauty #facialoil #beautyoil #faceoils

1.     As the last step in your skincare routine: Essentially, oils are best at locking in all of your prior products (serum, moisturizer, etc). Due to its occlusive nature, using it last ensures that your skin, and skin care, are deeply protected from pollution.

2.     Products with pumpkin seed oil are great for taking off your makeup! Not only does pumpkin seed oil completely take off all of your makeup, it is also high in Vitamin C which brightens and moisturizes your skin!

3. You can also use oils as a makeup primer to achieve glowy skin. Skin Owl’s Beauty Drops are mindfully created with Argan oil and a targeted oil for your skin type. It leaves your skin moisturized throughout the day, and gives you a beautiful dewy look.