Trellis Beauty Journal | Issue 1

A Note From Our Owner

Photo Credit: Beauty independent

Photo Credit: Beauty independent

With our monthly journal, we give you a sneak peek into our journal of thoughts and share our Clean Beauty secrets with you.  Most importantly I encourage you to push through those everyday hardships, throw on that non-toxic lippie, and go smash those dreams of yours all while taking time for yourself, because YOU deserve it! The Month of October is all about Selfcare with the Beauty Steam and LIVE Workshops!

So let's go and as always #keepitcleanraleigh!

Tracy Gori

October Self-Care Tip: Beauty Steam

Top 5 reasons you should be Beauty Steaming:

  1. It cleanses your pores. Whether you are acne prone or blemish free, facial steaming is beneficial to cleaning out those pores that we all seem to be so concerned with.  The heat of the steam causes your skin to slightly sweat which opens the pores and softens the surface layer of dead skin cells, releasing dirt and debris that if left there can inflammation that will cause breakouts and skin irritations.

  2. Our favorite reason, it helps your skincare products work better for you! It makes your skin more receptive to the treatment products you are using every single day.  Once those pores are clear from dirt and debris, your skin is now ready to absorb those nutritious ingredients in your skincare routine.

  3. It enhances circulation that allows the blood vessels to dilate within the skin so that more blood flow occurs which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissue giving your tired lack luster a kick in moisture.  Get ready for that glow after your steam!

  4. Detox! Beauty steaming removes toxins from the skin and body.  So sweat it out! This is a great way to release toxins that could be causing imbalances in your skin.

  5. Relaxation and meditation. 10 minutes of Beauty Steaming allows you to focus on your breathing and taking some time out of the crazy day to focus on YOURSELF! True Self-care! With the custom herb blend steaming also helps with sinuses as well. 

Experience a Beauty Steam at Trellis

Experience a Beauty Steam at Trellis

SkinOwl Beauty Steam Bar at Trellis Beauty

Introducing the first SkinOwl Beauty Steam Bar at the shop, where you can come in to enjoy the benefits of a facial steam on the go! The 10 minute service is customized to your skin type and is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling healthy!

By appointment or walk in, we have a variety of options to choose from!

LIVE Workshops

LIVE Workshops

We are going LIVE

Join us every Tuesday and Friday at 2pm for a LIVE workshop! Stop into the shop or join us on social media to learn a makeup or skincare tip from the owner of Trellis Beauty! Our workshops are no longer than 30 minutes and FREE.


This journal was curated by our Trellis Beauty, Alexa Scattaregia.

Thank you for reading our monthly Journal!

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